New guidelines regarding Swiss Work permit delivery for foreigners

New guidelines, recently effective, are being strongly implemented by Cantonal Authorities regarding the delivery of permits to accompanying dependents.

Adult dependents (does not concern accompanying children under 18 years old) will have to submit before entering Switzerland, copy of registration for a language course to level A1 (conversational level) for the language used in the region they are going to move to. So, for Zurich it will have to be German, for Lugano it will have to be Italian, for Geneva it will have to be French.

In a second step, the dependent will have to provide copy of the passed A1 examination of the language when applying for renewal. (often 1 year later).

Permanenent Establishment

When applying for a C permit (permanent establishment) the requirements will be A2 conversational and A1 for written.

Acquisition of Swiss citizenship

The requirements are higher for the acquisition of Swiss citizenship: B1 level for conversational and A2 level for written.

Special rules apply for anticipated processes and GR Mobility remains at your disposal for further information.

Contact us as : or +41 79 937 59 64

Francis Docherty | Chief Commercial Officer | GR Mobility Group

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