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In addition to the management of work permits and resident permits, GR Mobility Immigration Services (GRMIS) offers a personalized and dedicated professional service to manage the renewal of your passport, to maintain it in full travelling validity and obtain special business visas that are required for specific business visits.

Frequent travelers know, many visa and non-visa destinations require a passport with a minimum of six months validity remaining on the passport.

Additionally, airlines have the possibility to refuse boarding and government officials can deny entry upon destination arrival.

GRMIS has been developing a very active and successful Immigration Center of Expertise. Amongst the various services that are handled by the Center, GRMIS has a concierge services to manage the renewal of your passport and avoid unexpected travel disruptions and uncertainty.

GRMIS offers a whole range of Concierge Services to address your needs :


We track all passport renewal dates through ReloTracker and send a reminder to the passport holder. We collect the passport and handle the entire renewal process with the appropriate forms. We return the passport to the owner. A trouble-free process that ensures each traveler always has a valid document.


You have an urgent visa application with a tight deadline ?

GRMIS visas can help you to save valuable time and avoid expensive delays.

A GRMIS expert will review all your documents to confirm your application is accurate, complete and ready for submission. We will contact you personally to quickly handle any mistakes ensuring your application is submitted correctly.


A pre-screening support to review if visa delivery conditions are fulfilled, validate the process and expected time-frame. This allows to plan appropriate travel bookings and set realistic expectations.

Entry visas differ significantly from one country to another.

GR Mobility Group is a NEWLAND CHASE partner and consequently part of a network that provides global coverage.


Our specialized platform to handle Lost, Stolen and Damaged passports.​ GRMIS offers an urgent replacement service to ensue you can obtain a new passport wherever you are. GRMIS always keeps a copy of your passport (and visa when appropriate) and can be transmitted to you in any country you are travelling and ensure you can return without being blocked in any foreign location. GRPD COMPLIANT – YOUR SECURITY GUARANTE Our IT management system, ReloTracker, is fully GDPR compliant. Our clients and their transferees can generate the services online and all required documents can be securely uploaded, allowing GRMIS to handle the process appropriately. ReloTracker can stock a copy of your passport and visas securely. We have a professional immigration team based in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich in order to provide a Swiss nation-wide coverage.

Francis Docherty — Board Member of SARA

GR Mobility Group — Chief Commercial Officer

Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland

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