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While 2018 is coming to a close, we look back at all the hard work we had in Geneva and in Zurich. It has been a very busy and successful year and we observe the mobility industry is in continuous evolution. HR and specialized Mobility teams within companies are facing rapid changes with the new generation of transferees.

Many young transferees today are signing up for international assignments or, more simply, picking up jobs abroad in other locations - while remaining within the same group. Companies have been making tremendous efforts to align international assignments, strategic business opportunities and career evolutions plans. Meanwhile however, the younger generations want to run « faster than the music » and are pushing to obtain international assignments much earlier than initially planned by standard corporate career plans.

Relocation - evolving with the new generation of transferees

As a consequence, the relocation service providers face shorter assignments and shorter notice periods to make it all happen.

The challenge is not so much in the relocation service providers to face such a rhythm increase, but more to aligne this with legal immigration requirements.

Many countries, including Switzerland, have implemented severe « local national priorities » and work permit procedures are becoming more protracted than ever. GR Mobility Group has an internal Immigration Centre of Immigration (ICE) to provide professional immigration services.

Looking ahead, the GR Mobility Group will be developing professional financial services to develop its support to the mobile population of its corporate clients.

We look forward to 2019 with all our existing clients, thank everyone for the sustained trust and cooperation and of course look forward to meeting new clients and developing new alliances with many other Global Management Companies and providers.

We wish everyone a wonderful Festive Season with your friends and loved ones.

Francis Docherty — Board Member of SARA GR Mobility Group — Chief Commercial Officer Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland ✉️ : ☎️ : +41 (0) 799 375 964

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