GR Mobility – Newsletter – Editorial by Pierre Jéronimo

Dear Clients and Partners,

2018 has been another very hectic year with lots of projects and newclients.

GDPR has kept us busy insuring the GR Mobility Group is fully compliant. Thanks to our technology platform enabling secured document transmission and storage we are totally compliant with the new European regulations.

Our platform enables 24/7 initiation and reporting which is a major strength in our value proposition.

Our Immigration Center of Expertise has seen an amazing growth in the number of cases we have handled and the complexity of the situations we have been successfully dealing with. Francis Docherty and his team have gained a solid reputation in the market.

Our Zürich operations are expanding. Our sister company Ellen Baur & Partner Relocations is the oldest relocation company in Switzerland (founded 1981) and enjoys a fantastic reputation in the Swiss German market.

We have been developing in the area new services of partner support,cross cultural training and expense management meet the demands of our clients.

On 29 th November 2018, we are organizing with our partner NetExpat an event about the relocating partners. We are expecting over 50 human resources and international mobility professionals to attend. We will present the results of one of the largest surveys organized by NetExpat and Ernest & Young about the relocating partner – over 3'500 persons interviewed.

My participation to EuRA as a one of the 9 Board members has enabled me to join a fantastic team of industry peers. It is great having the opportunity to contribute to the future of our industry and have access to some of the best specialists of various topics that are so important for the relocation industry. GDPR was one of them.

We look forward for another amazing year in 2019 with only one focus : the satisfaction of our clients.

I always keep in mind this recommendation from Tom Peters « Cherish your people, cuddle your customers, wander around, “try it” beats “talk about it,” pursue Excellence, tell the truth »

EXCELLENCE is not a “long-term”. EXCELLENCE is the ultimate short - term strategy.

Pierre Jéronimo — Board Member of EuRA GR Mobility Group — Chief Executive Officer Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland ✉️ : ☎️ : +41 (0) 228 491 020

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