Advanced view of Swiss residency and work permits as of 2018 further to the initiative of « local pr

In December 2016, the Federal Parliament officially adopted the amendments concerning measures aiming to encourage employers to hire employees already present on the market as well as to maintain the validity of the bilateral agreements with the European Union.

One important aspect is that limited quota are absent in the new initiative, but bureaucratic contraints still remain.

In a nutshell, in case of an employment rate greater than the average in certain working groups, field of activity or economic regions(8% as per 2018 and 5% as per 2020), temporary measures will be taken to foster the groups of people that are officially registered with unemployment offices (called "ORP" in Switzerland). The open jobs in the sectors, field or regions concerned will have to be communicated to the public service of employment by the employer. The public service will then transfer solid applications as soon as possible.


The State Secretary of Migration (SEM) and the State Secretary for Economic Affaires (SECO) are presently preparing the texts and the new policy is expected to be applied as of July 2018.

The open positions will be announced through an online platform and will be open to job seekers for a period of 5 days. After this period of time, it will be public. Authorities are expected to appoint a "person of contact" to answer all questions and facilitate the process and further information cessions will be held in 2018 for HR managers.


The number of B permits (long term) given to non-EU citizens will be 3500 units and L permits (short term) remain at 4500 units. A federal "reserve" of 500 units in case of further needs.

GR MOBILITY - an in-house Swiss center of expertise in immigration

The GR Mobility Relocation Group hosts an in-house center of expertise in immigration, handling short and long-term permits for multinational companies, international organisations (including legitimation cards) and private customers.

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