General Data Protection Regulations — What impact for Relocation companies ?

The European Parliament approved in April 2016 the new GDPR and will enter force on 24 th May 2018. Until then, EU State members will have to adapt their respective national legislation and Switzerland will have to do then same.

Knowing that violations to the GDPR will soon have very serious sanctions, fines will be increased from Fr. 10’000 (today) to Fr. 500’000 (new as from 2018) and a breach of a professional secrecy obligation will impose a threat of imprisonment, the question now is how this is going to impact the relocation industry in Switzerland.

Few relocation companies, and mostly the smaller ones, are yet compliant with the GDPR. As usual, Switzerland will have will have an adapted version of the GDPR, but it nevertheless will imply having a process that integrates the European directives, rules and obligations when handling personal data.

What we foresee is that many small relocation organisations that don’t have an IT tool that responds to the data security requirements will face serious compliance issues and will be exposed to heavy sanctions. We see 2018 as probably a pivotal year for the relocation industry in Switzerland, both in terms of technology and professionalism.

Francis Docherty — Board Member of SARA GR Mobility Group — Chief Commercial Officer Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland ✉️ : ☎️ : +41 (0) 799 375 964

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