CCIFS event – Set-up of French companies in Switzerland

We participated to the event organised by the CCIFS at the Ramada Encore Hotel in Geneva on 15th November 2017.

We noted that French companies that set-up business in Switzerland, whatever the legal form (S.A. or SàRL), based their decision on the following criteria :

- Competencies : Switzerland offers a high degree of education and the competencies in either services, micro-electronics, bio-chemicals, pharma, industry and finance-banking are of very high level. This allows newly established companies to improve their competitiveness at the quality level.

- Language skills are a forte of resources found in Switzerland and, again, bring value to the company.

- Costs and legal environment. While salaries are indeed high, employer costs are drastically lower than in France. In Switzerland average employer costs are between 18 and 23% and in France between 45 and 53%. VAT in France is 20% and in 2018, VAT in Switzerland will be lowered from 8% to 7.7%. Working hours in Switzerland are most often around 40-42 hours, while in France only 35 hours. But most of all there is a general “employment peace” and a traditional Swiss culture to first discuss in case of a disagreement before having any strike. In France, it has become a “tradition” to first go on strike before having any negotiation.

- Close relation with the authorities and the capacity to meet with high quality business partners.

GR Mobility has accompanied quite a number of French companies in their projects of relocating all or part of their business to Switzerland. We have in-house Relocation, Immigration, Expense Management and HR-Legal support services that sets us apart from other more traditional relocation companies.

Francis Docherty — Board Member of SARA GR Mobility Group — Chief Commercial Officer Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland ✉️ : ☎️ : +41 (0) 799 375 964

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