Swiss citizenship acquisition process when married to a Swiss National

As from 1st January 2018, new regulations will come into force for acquiring Swiss citizenship. The process will entail having a C permit and being resident in Switzerland for 10 years (previously 12 years).

However, does this apply if you have a B permit and you are married to a Swiss national ?

Swiss citizenship — Getting a Swiss passport

I personally love this expression that comes from the habitants of Normandy in the north of France. They often say « it depends ». So, yes, it depends as it will be possible to file for a « facilitated process », meaning that further to 3 years of marriage and 5 consecutive years living in Switzerland, your « significant other » will be able to apply for Swiss citizenship.

However, if you live abroad, one will have to be married for 6 years to a Swiss citizen and demonstrate « close ties » to Switzerland. For the time being, the exact rules of what that means hasn’t been determined and we hope that for once, a single national ruling will be applied across the country. Because, so far, when the Federal authorities release a new law, we end up with 26 different ways of applying it. The joy of each canton having its own autonomy.

Integration & Participation

Many cantons request the « candidate to Swiss citizenship » demonstrates its integration and this means often having a good level of the language (French, German or Italian depending where you live), participation to local social events, clean criminal record, no debts and so forth.

The GR Mobility Swiss Relocation Group ™ has presence in all parts of the country, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion regarding your project.

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