General Data Protection Regulations and GR Mobility

The new General Data Protection Regulation : Consequences for GR Mobility

The project of the revised Federal Data Projection Act was published last 21st December 2016. The consultation was open until 4th April 2017 and the new general data protection regulations (GDPR), approved in April 2016 by the European Parliament, will enter force on 24th May 2018.

Until then, European Union countries members will have to adapt their respective national legislation for companies and especially compliance obligations, the procedures and supervisory measures.

National authorities will considerably tighten sanctions. Fines in case of private violations will be increased from Fr. 10’000 (today) to Fr. 500’000 (new). A breach of a professional secrecy obligation will impose a threat of imprisonment.

The new General Data Protection Regulation : Consequences for GR Mobility

The Swiss Federal authorities will be developing severe regulations to include :

 Individual rights, notably free access to the information, the right to correct information, to control the communication of data to third parties and the right to destroy the data

 The obligation to inform the person that private data will be used and for what purpose

GR Mobility Swiss Relocation Group™ : in compliance ahead of time

While waiting for the publication of the new ordinance which will affect service companies such as GR Mobility, we are already implementing the following measures :

 Prior to all transactions, GR Mobility will inform its clients in writing what information will be necessary to complete each mandate

 GR Mobility will inform its clients what will be the use of the information

How will the information / documentation be collected ?

 Each person (approved customer) will receive and personal access code to ReloTracker™

 The person will upload him/herself the required information and documentation

 GR Mobility will access the information and documentation through the secured Relotracker™ portal in order to execute the initiated mandate

 None of the above information / documentation will be transmitted by email in order to guarantee the protection of personal data in conformity with the GDPR

GR Mobility Swiss Relocation Group™

Update in 2018

GR Mobility Swiss Relocation Group™ will adapt the processing to the GDPR Swiss Ordinance and EU regulations when published in 2018 (or as soon a available), in order to guarantee fully transparency and secure use of private data.

Francis Docherty — Board Member of SARA GR Mobility Group — Chief Commercial Officer Geneva | Lausanne | Zürich | Switzerland ✉️ : ☎️ : +41 (0) 799 375 964

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