Pro-Link GLOBAL elects Geneva Relocation’s Immigration Centre of Expertise to cover the Swiss market

Pro-Link GLOBAL is a leading global corporate immigration organisation with over 1800 immigration specialists working in over 170 countries. Pro-Link GLOBAL is the recipient of the 2016 Immigration Team of the Year award from Relocate Magazine and the company continues its growth.

Focusing on excellence, Pro-Link GLOBAL has elected Geneva Relocation in view of its strong competencies in managing visas, work and residence permits and immigration consulting capabilities.

Geneva Relocation is the fastest growing relocation company in Switzerland and is serving International organisations, NGOs and multinational companies across Switzerland.

Geneva Relocation’s Immigration Centre of Expertise is managed by Francis Docherty who is an experienced Human Resources professional and a certified mobility expert with over 31 years of experience.

Francis Docherty, CCO and SARA board member

Recently elected as board member of SARA, the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents, Francis Docherty provides expert advice on all immigration matters, covering all Cantons in Switzerland.

Pierre Jéronimo, President & CEO of GR Mobility Group, that incorporates Geneva Relocation, Active Relocation, HR Relocation and Ellen Baur & Partner Relocations, and a Board member of EuRA, says : « We are proud of being part of the Pro-Link GLOBAL family. This clearly positions the group as one leading providers of immigration services in Switzerland ».

GR Mobility Swiss Relocation Group ™

Press Release 20.07.2017

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